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Smart G4 Automation

Smart G4 is Your One Stop for All your Needs and Solutions:

Either you Have a Project that is Small, Medium or Large up to city Size, only one Product can answer your Needs.

Whether you have a Project under Renovation, New construction, or already finished, Smart G4 will cater to your Needs. If you have a Problem in wiring in some areas while you can wire in Other areas but like to have the advantage of both systems (speed and power of the wired, flexibility and easy expansion solution of the wireless) Smart G4 can assist you reach both Targets and mix wishfully between wired then wireless then wired again.


Using Smart-BUS Technology, installer can connect up to 250 Devices on One Cable that can reach in length up to *(1600 meters). and up to 64000 devices on a single RSIP Network Bridge. where over 16,000,000 can be monitored and controlled in one Network of 250 Bridges.

Meaning that: If installer Link Several BUS Loops together using Network bridges, then up to 65280 devices per network Bridge can be smoothly linked and up to 254 Loops like wise can be Networked together as one Body.

Smart-BUS has very flexible connectivity: It uses Mainly Daisy Chain, it can be either an Open or closed Loop/Ring, Can Work in star Topology wiring, or Even Grid or Mesh.


1- Bedside Control Switch
2- Mood Lighting & Dimming
3- Universal Touch remote
4- Phone & Data WIFI
5- Home Theater & Gaming Link
6- LED Floor Tiles
7- Controlled Power Outlets
8- HD TV with Net card

9- Floor Heaters
10- Ceiling BGM Speakers
11- Smart DDP switch
12- Air Conditioning Control
13- Touch Life Touch Screen
14- 10 in 1 Sensor
15- Plasma Screen Lift