Derma Sensation App

Derma Sensation App

With this app from skin clinic Derma Sensation you can easily find appointments in your app, request new appointments and treatments, view the app and request promotions.



Phikar is a mobile app platform to solue socioeconomic problems encorterel by needy individuals around us. We are building bridges between those who are able to and those who are in need.



Our technology controls all electrical functions in your home from lighting and sound to curtains and shutters and even includes climate control. Our systems may be installed in new or existing structures and may be accessed and controlled over the mobile phone or the Internet.



Complete control of Smart Home Automation Systems.
Works with Generation 4 Smart-BUS Automation Hardware mainly for Installations that are Powered By (S-Cloud).
This application Enables the complete control of Lighting, Dimming, TV, DVD, Radio, Audio In etc.
AC can mange temperature, mode and fan speed.



Consonants is an application that has been designed to teach anyone, especially children who want to learn Gujarati. It has been developed for teachers and parents even, who want to teach their children at home. Consonants has three unique features, namely:

  1. Interactive listening and pronunciation of word/consonant
  2. Learning by auto writing
  3. Learning by writing on the desktop itself

Smart G4

Smart-G4 basically use for controls all the things like A/c, Fan, Light, Door, Sound System, TV, DVD of office, room, Rest Room etc.



Al-Romansiah is basically use for search dish by store and by type. User also get detail of store like how much fare from him. Also select delivery type (pickup or delivery). User can also add dish to Wishlist. Also share dish to other



Zibit is use to create event and add the people who are included and divide event price to all the people who are added and remind them for pay amount. Payment can done through bank and credit card.